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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Micro Xtreme now at Gryndo!

Micro Xtreme complete scooters are now available at Gryndo Scooters! Micro Xtreme (also known as MX) boasts a pretty sweet line-up of pro scooters. From beginners to seasoned vets, MX has freestyle scooters covered with their range of well-built, sleek, and powerful models. Here's a quick run-down of a few of them, which you can get your hands on over at Gryndo. Gryndo Scooters Logo

MX Trixx

The MX Trixx is Micro Xtreme's entry-level scooter, designed for beginners but built with extremely high-quality parts and sporting some pretty cool and unique design features. The MX Trixx scooter has shorter bars (with backsweep) and a smaller deck, both of which make it a perfect match for younger, smaller riders.
  • 4” x 18.5” Deck
  • 21” x 18” Bars
  • Threaded Fork and Compression
  • 100mm Wheels
Micro MX Trixx Scooter

MX Cross Neck

If you're looking to take that next step from a beginner scooter to an intermediate, the Micro Xtreme Cross Neck scooter is a great option. It features a more stylish design, including a downtube that incorporates the eponymous “Cross Neck” construction for enhanced strength and reduced weight. Other features include gusseted handle bars, a machined head tube, and an SCS quad clamp.
  • 4.5” x 20” Deck
  • 21.5” x 23” Bars
  • 6061 & 6062 Aluminum
  • SCS Compression
  • Fully Integrated
  • 110mm Wheels
Micro MX Cross Neck

MX BenJ Signature

At the top of the pro scooter food chain sits the Micro Xtreme BenJ Friant signature scooter. BenJ is one of the smoothest, most daring riders in the game today, so you know he doesn't ride just any old scooter. His MX signature edition has an innovative design that includes a distinctive downtube and 3D forged headtube, with cutouts right where they're needed to save weight without taking away any strength or stability. Additionally, the BenJ scooter's bars are some of the biggest available, at a whopping 25” tall and 22.5” wide. When you need pro caliber performance, you call in the pro caliber scooter.
  • 4.5” x 20” Deck
  • 22.5” x 25” Bars
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Mini SCS Compression
  • Fully Integrated
  • 110mm Wheels
Micro MX BenJ Signature

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

L.f.t.C | VZ

I don't know what L.f.t.C. means, but this is a video of Viktor Zonho on a channel called TOG (True Original Gangsters).  This edit is super raw, with the editing, the soundtrack, and the riding.  He's a peg guy and has them icepicks locked down.

WW x Life

Here's some Woodward footage from the lens of John Cottle, featuring Matt McKeen, Hep Greg, Logan Fuller, Lucky Borelli, as well as John.  Diggin the song, good stuff.


The Denver boys finally got themselves an indoor, so now they can continue to progress when their superparks are rained/snowed out.  Park looks fun, video was rad.  Full ceeb back lip by Ian was so nutty.

Madd Gear Summer Madness

So many bangers jammed into a 3:40 edit. Some of the riders aren't exactly my cup of tea, but the tricks are insane none the less. Gus Rymer is such a killer, I could watch that kid ride for days. Ryan Williams with that huge ass 360 whip was so good. Give it a watch, and enjoy.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Blunt x Phoenix Euro Tour (FULL)

If you have 26 minutes to spare, you should spend them watching this edit. Some of the best riders in the world, killing off some of the best street spots in the world. If there is one thing that Blunt/Envy knows how to do, it is put together really solid, lengthy edits. This does not disappoint. Sit back and enjoy.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Flavor gets a lot less... Flavorful

So as most people might have heard, the once stacked Flavor US Team, has been reduced quite a bit. First Monky left, after his very short lived stint with the Team, and recently Cameron Poe, who is one of the fastest up and coming street riders left the company as well. I also heard Tyler Bradley might have left?

Who do you think Flavor will pick up to replace these heavy hitters? And where do you guys see Cameron settling down? I personally would love to see him riding for TSI.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

5Starr Scooters Update

5Starr has been in the game for a while now, and they have been making some serious strides the past year. A ton of new products, solid Team edits, and new dealers across the country. Their newest products include the Ethos Complete, Theory Deck, and the Legend SCS. Visit your favorite scooter shop, or online shop and check em out today!

GTLI DVD: Justin Robertson

This is Justin's part from the Scooterzone DVD that came out a year ago.  Filmed over the span of two and a half years, this features footage from Justin's local park and spots as well as American spots and parks.  I was a little disappointed by the lack of big street clips, which is what I love seeing Justin do the most, but he still shreds with his unique bag of tricks. He really has those 720s dialed.

Ben Jelinek | Summer 2014

Started in February, Ben went hard this summer to get this edit for TSI done.  Shredding the Pacific Northwest, Ben kills it. Front board 270 on that outrail was rad and so was that huge wallride.  Tons of rail riding in this one.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Harvest: Bobby Pantano

The final part in the Bamboozle x Speak Apparel full length "The Harvest" was recently released, this one from Bobby Pantano.  Bobby's been coming up for a few years now, it's sick to see him out there hitting handrails as well as all of this regular tech combo moves.  Feeble to manual at blackbox was sickk.

Troops ft Elliot Arnold

Elliot recently got this edit done to showcase the new ELYTS Troops. I don't know how Elliot has progressed this fast, but I got to think a big part of it is due to the support he has received from ELYTS, AO, 841, and Raptor. His riding has come a long way from the time he rode for Madd Gear. Such a fun dude to watch ride. Check it out.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Flavio Pesenti- Welcome to Authentique Scooter Shop

Flavio Pesenti - Welcome To Authentique Scooter Shop from SCOOTER FLOW on Vimeo.

You already know Flavio is one of the best in the tech game.  Check out his latest edit, for Authentique.  I'm pretty sure he does a whip over ice grind in this...soooo nutty.

NATIVE August 2014

NATIVE looks like a new brand out of Australia trying their hand at making parts.  Their first part will be handlebars, HIC and standard, T style at 22.5x27".  This is their first video, full of upcoming Aus riders.  It definitely gets progressively better, see this one through til the end.

"Ah Jeez" By the Toqued Boys

This is a full-length by a young crew out of the Seattle area.  Featuring Brent Ikedah (brother of Jesse), photographer Noah Foley, Tim Hogan, Patrick Schneider and Jayden Lee, this is an awesome video for an amateur crew.  There are some serious ledge and rail tech tricks in here, especially from Patrick and Jayden.  Filming was decent as well.  Props guys!

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Vault Labor Day Sale

The Vault is also having a really sweet sale this weekend, featuring 20% off the entire online and retail store! The Vault has made a serious name for themselves in the sport, for always being stocked up on the latest and hottest gear, and for their insane line up of Team riders. Click the link below and check out their website now!

Vex Brand X Unfair Tour

This was tight.  Upcoming shoe brand Vex as well as parts manufacturer Unfair went on a little trip together recently and filmed all this.  Dope footage from all the boys, Regan's 5050 lip at the end was awesome.  Last minute or so is heavy.


I already wrote the description on Youtube, it really says it all-

"Wow. It's hard to believe that The Tilt Video is wrapping up it's online release. Nobody really knew how the video was going to turn out when filming first started. Nobody really even knew what they were filming for back then. All they knew was that it would be rad to make a full-length. So eventually, video parts started forming, and we knew a DVD had to happen.

The credits shows only a tiny slice of everything that happens while filming, from everything before and after the trick, as well as the usual memorable bails. Thanks again to everyone who had a hand in making this, especially the team, the people behind the scenes at Tilt, and you, the viewer. Next up: Tilt 2."

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Scooter Zone Labor Day Sale

If there is one company that is always doing what they can to give back to the riders, it's gotta be the Zone. Scooter Zone is the pioneer retail shop in the USA, and they're are about to start a really solid Labor Day Sale. For more info check out the Ad below.

Freestyle Depot Labor Day Sale

Labor Day is coming up, and for a lot of scooter riders, that means hitting up shops to grab some new gear on sale. Freestyle Depot is having a sick sale starting this weekend, and if you need some new parts, hit them up! It's one thing to have certain parts on sale, but FD is putting the entire store on sale! More details on the Ad below.