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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Phoenix Pro Scooters: Pol AceƱa

For being a pro rider for Phoenix, Pol is pretty underrated.  He kills it on the mini, as shown in this video.  Wallplant to manual 360 in was so dope.  Last few tricks as well were some mind-bogglers.  I'm definitely wanting to get some runs in after watching this!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Brian Chavez

Sometimes you come across a rider when they're still really young, and you just know that they have "it".  Brian is one of those riders.  I think I met him first in the summer of 2011 at the old Lake Geneva skatepark (the old black ramps park from Transit 1).  He was just a real small kid, but I could tell he had the ability to go places. This video shows where he's at today, with the new super good LG park.  One thing about this guy is he's always riding super bad parts and torn up shoes.  The boy needs a hookup.

Tyler Bonner Rev2Deck Promo

Just another one of those videos that you wish kept going, but unfortunately ends at the 3:00 mark. Tyler had a bit of a slow start after his knee injury, but it is safe to say he is back and he's hitting it harder than ever. He killed it in all of the ELYTS El Paso edits, and now he slays even more rails and ledges in his Reventon V2 Promo. Check it.

Blunt/Envy South Africa Tour Ep.1 - 4

Lately I was sitting around thinking about how many riders have been taken to places that they probably would have never gone before without scootering. These edits below document that pretty well I think. Blunt/Envy recently flew out their riders to South Africa in the hopes of filming a full length edit, and I'm guessing it was a success. The below edits are really cool to watch, they're not jam packed with riding, but you get to know the Team a bit more. And it really does show how far this sport can take you. Can't wait for the full length to drop. For now peep these.

Friday, April 18, 2014


The ender day for the Elyts boys in El Paso.  Lots of crazy stuff in here.  All Jesse's tooth combos off that box were so sick.  Tyler's gap to lip on that super tall rail (and gnarly rack on the handrail).  I think it's safe to say Jessee and Tyler killed this one.

Megaramp Session with Luke Burland and Ryan Williams

There is a reason that Ryan Williams, and now I believe Luke Burland as well, are a part of the Nitro Circus show, because they kill the mega ramp. Very few riders, despite talking a lot of shit, can actually really go out and hit the mega ramp, and throw down. R Willy has proven time and time again that no one comes close to his skill on the Mega, and I am stoked to see what Luke brings to the Nitro Circus shows which I believe start up soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scooter Zone TIC Ride Day

I know there are plenty of riders that will be showing up for this tomorrow, but for those who don't know check out the flyer below. I think it is pretty awesome that Scooter Zone actually has one of their stores located inside TIC Skatepark. But yeah, if you're a park rat, get out there and have a good time with a ton of homies from SZ. And check out the sale they have going on in store as well!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lucky Scooters | Jared Jacobs Welcome to Title

So Yung Jared here was on Lucky's Am team, and now he has been bumped up to Title (perhaps to fill the spot left by Kenny Griffin?).  I'm not sure what that distinction is, but either way he is a shredder.  He's got a rad style that will really be good to watch in a few years.  Damion Black on the film/edit.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Percept Eyewear || 2BCN N BACK

Percept released this video today summarizing the trip to Barcelona for the Haske jam as well as Andorra for some snowboarding.  This video encapsulates what the experience was like for Percept owner Ryan Upchurch during his time overseas.  Percept's slogan is "Dream Your Reality" and they definitely give a good example of what that looks like with this video.

Monday, April 14, 2014

MGP Beachside BBQ Battle (Flat SCOOT)

So recently the guys from MGP were down in So Cal, and they decided to get a game of SCOOT going. Basically, it was the pro riders from MGP taking on some unsponsored riders, and other top guys from the So Cal area. Was pretty cool to see the guys from Madd Gear get down without the help of ramps and parks. Check it out. Jeremy Beau is a beast.

Below are the videos starting with the first, and ending with the Final match

Ryan Day

This is Ryan Day, AKA Kushfart.  He's a part of the SDL Boyz crew, shredding San Diego on the regular.  Definitely digging this video, super chill and enjoyable.

Spring 2014

The FinScooter boys are good.  It's finally Spring for them and they've been taking full advantage of it.  There are some seriously sick moves in here so give it a watch.  It's pretty crazy to come back after a winter and keep progressing like you didn't just lose 4 or more months of riding time.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


On this third day of the trip, Zig hits the Tombstone gap, they ride one of the best street quarters around, and end the day with the ultimate street flyout session.  Everyone gets clips in this one.  Next video up includes a super good handrail spot, you know some heavy stuff went down there.

Guillaume TRUCHI - Axone Promo 2014 -

Damn, this was pretty crazy.  Wasn't expecting this guy's rail game.  He comes through with some other solid clips but his rail clips are ridiculous.  He's yet another French up and comer in the game, and rides for Axone.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Inside the City: Columbus

Columbus is the capital of the great state of Ohio.  It has had a small scene for a number of years, centering around Westerville skatepark.  Today there is a small but solid crew of riders hitting the streets around the area.  I recently spent a week there myself for a filming trip, and we decided to film an Inside the City to show everyone what a day downtown would be like.  While the downtown area itself isn't very large or rich with spots, the surrounding neighborhoods are packed with more spots than you can hit in a week.  It's always a good time in Columbus so if you ever get the chance to visit, I suggest you do so.

Jon Reyes T Sweep Jam

J-Rizzy's signature backsweep T-Bars came out recently, and to celebrate, he threw a jam at his local Maloof park.  Lots of kids were shredding all day to win some prizes.  Looks like it was a good time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jon Devrind - "No Label"

JonDev has gotten really good lately.  He rides for Crisp and shreds it.  He's got a good tech game but can hit some bigger stuff as well.

Brandon James | BCN

You already know Brandon is a boss.  Put him in the street heaven that is Barcelona, and you get some seriously ridiculous clips.  The many flat bars and ledges in BCN really suite Brandon's style of riding.  I will never know how he does barspins with those bars and those shirts, it's truly mindblowing.

Brent Ikedah | Toqued

Little Brent is out there killing it with the Toqued crew, and here are some recent clips from him.  He's going to be so good in a few years.  I think we can all see a certain someone's style in him, it's just a question if he has the same motivation and dedication to riding.

Save OSU Skatepark!

At the Ohio State University, there is a small skatepark with mostly skater-made ramps that a lot of scooter riders have had the privilege to ride, myself included.  You might recognize it from a variety of Dylan Kasson's Almanacs, or even his old Super 60 (since removed from the internet).  The University wants to build some lame soccer fields in it's place, so sign this petition if you want to support the local Ohio scooter riders, skaters, and bikers.