Friday, October 9, 2015

Flavio Pesenti - Blunt Reaper V2 Promo 2015

Once I saw the name I knew I immediately had to press play.  Flavio always has the most mindblowing combos- using and abusing those pegs like no other.  Filmed during a week in Lyon, France, this video has it all-  speed, style, cleanliness, tricks, and good production value.

Rusted Never Busted

So, prior to this year's Chicago Street Jam, the Tilt team took a trip up to the Rust Belt cities of Detroit and Cleveland.  Instead of saving the footage for another DVD they decided to compile the footage together in one trip video.  Videos like this don't come around too often, so get psyched and take this one in a few times.  That fingerwhip by'll know which of the craziest things I've ever seen.

Flavor Awakening: Jasper "Jabba" Russell-Dennis

Always love seeing clips of Jabba.  The dude has his own style and always charges.  Great trick selection and Lawrence Rubin does a great job behind the lens.  Jasper tells me he just got back from Australia where he filmed another video, so be on the lookout for that soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Official 2015 San Diego Street Jam: Presented by The Scooter Farm

The official video of the SD Street Jam is now out, presented in glorious 1080p for your viewing pleasure.  Max Manning of MediaRevere did a killer job capturing the day, as well as all the additional filmers.  I still can't get over all the tricks done at that 18 rail, that was the most insane session I think I've ever witnessed.  Hats off to the Scooter Farm for putting this event on.

Ben Reid | A year in Standard

Olivia Monks has been filming Ben since July last year when she got her VX.  This video was originally supposed to be for Lucky but Ben moved away and the video was unfinished.  However, she just uploaded this today, and it is a solid edit.  Ben has the whip bars down as well as a variety of other tricks across a variety of spots.  Definitely enjoyable.

Niko Kylmälä 2015

Finnish rider Niko Kylmala isn't someone I've heard of until now.  But this dude goes in- combos that are super tech yet remain unique.  He's got those full cab whips down.  And that rainbow rail front board was insane. I guess this is all throwaway as he's filming for a full-length project so I'm excited to see what he brings to the table next.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tilt 2 - Dylan Kasson B Sides

Dylan's riding is always progressive in a very unconventional way.  The dude has a very unique, disciplined approach to spots, reflecting his personality and lifestyle.  He also has springs in his legs that let him jump over everything in his path. Or maybe he's part grasshopper, I don't know.  Anyways, enjoy his B Sides and go watch his part in the full video.

New York City Street Jam 2015

Michele Failla is organizing a street jam in NYC.  NYC hasn't really had a big jam since the Brooklyn Banks jam days so Michele is really trying to blow this one up.  There's a small but growing list of sponsors so it'll be sick to see how it turns out.  October 17th, East Coasters mark your calendars!

Friday, October 2, 2015


Rudy Garcia was in Rotterdam to capture some of the European AO dudes killing it out at a street jam.  Brad Ackerman, Pol Roman, Alfred Lauritzen, Oskar Hansen, Ollie Murphy and more all throw down in the German streets for this.

Tilt 2 - Issac Miller B Sides

It's your lucky day folks.  Didn't see Tilt 2 yet?  Here's the first official footy to drop from it, in the form of Issac Miller's B Sides.  Starts the online release of Tilt 2 media off with a bang.  Tilt 2 DVD's are going fast so pick one up soon.  We all know Issac is one of the best from his past videos and Instaclips, but this footage is the real deal.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rahmel Lafayette in Queens

Rahmel is one of the most OG riders from New York.  Having been riding for 14 years, the guy has somehow remained mysterious, as footage of him has always been rare, even in the glory days of ScooYork.  This video was filmed in just a couple sessions and its clear he can still throw down.  I hope we get to see more from him in the future.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tilt/ Sky High BBQ Jam 2015

Every year before the Chicago Street Jam, a barbecue jam is held at the Tilt/Sky High shop to hang out and shred with just the bros.  Logan Fuller was in attendance, and busted out the camera to capture the moment.  Tons of gnarly tricks from the best in the biz, this one is good.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Seattle Street Jam 2015

Street Jam season might be the best season.  Chicago, SD, Milwaukee, and most recently, Seattle.  Tons of shredding and good vibes out of this one.  Although I gotta say, Garfield (that school) is getting old and I hope they come up with new spots next year.  Props to ADVCT for producing this video.

Monday, September 28, 2015

ARNAUD "Warneup" MARCHENOIR | 2015

Wow.  Arnaud has been a talented scooter rider for a long as I can remember but this is by far his craziest, most impressive edit yet.  If you aren't constantly being bewildered by what he's doing in this video, you aren't a human.  Definitely the most unique edit of the year.

Milwaukee Street Jam 2015

Milwaukee has had its own street jam for a few years now.  This year was the biggest one so far.   Five spots were hit before an aftersesh and the amazing Estabrook DIY park, where the flat rail was absolutely demolished.  The Sky High team really put on a show, as well as unknowns like Zack Rowan.  It was an awesome day and I'm psyched there are more and more legit street jams nowadays.  Props to Jonah Holter for organizing everything and putting on a great event.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ryan Ruegg aka BADGERCLIT Interview

Badger and Thomkat.
I first remember Ryan Ruegg, AKA @badgerclit as some kid shredding bmxer Stevie Churchill's local skatepark.  I never saw too much about him other than clips here and there, and eventually I heard his name as someone to look out for in the future.  This summer he showed up at Chicago jam and took home amateur MVP, then a month later was killing it at the San Diego street jam.  The dude kinda came up from nowhere so I hit him up to see where he comes from, and what he's been up to lately.

Jordan Jasa:  So first of all, you just got back from a cross country road trip, right?  How was that?

Ryan Ruegg: Yea haha it was crazy I had the best time. I'd do it again fasho. I can't believe it worked out how it did to be honest. We made it 3/4 of the way back before having any car troubles or anything and it didn't rain once the entire trip.

Who all was with you?  What were the main stops?

It was me, Lew Hobbs, Jimbo Hawkins and Draven Woolley. Lew has been one of my best friends/go to scooter pals for a while and I worked at Woodward all summer and Jimbo and I had become very good friends from that. That's the crew I drove to Chicago with. And I met Draven the first day of the SD trip. We had a lot of stops. Me and Lew met Jimbo and Draven at Woodward from CT and we stayed there for a night then went to Kentucky in the morning. Jimbo is from Kentucky so we stayed the night at his house. (am I elaborating too much haha?). Well we rode spots in Kentucky the next day and then headed to Missouri. I think the next stop was Tulsa, Oklahoma and it was 106 degrees out so we said fuck that. Then we drove through Texas and stayed at a rest stop pavilion haha we set up our hammocks in the rafters. It was extremely windy and we woke up to find out there were like 500 windmills a football field away from us hahaha it was crazy. Next stop was Albuquerque New Mexico skatepark. That park is crazy if you're ever in the area its 1000% worth stopping there. We met some homies there that found us weed after bein dry for two days it was perfect lol. Then we went to Phoenix, Arizona. 100+ temps there too so we made moves to SD and got there a day early.

Downside tooth shot by Max Peters.
Before that trip, you were in Chicago for the street jam.  How was that experience for you?

Best weekend of my life. I met so many people. First street comp I'd ever been to.

Its always the best weekend of the year, no doubt.  What was your favorite moment from this years?

Seshing that rail spot, or at grant.  I finally met so many people that I've been Instagram homies with for years lol sounds stupid but it was cool for me to be in the same environment as all of them for once.

Haha not stupid at all dude, the internet is how I met almost everyone I know in scootering.  This year we let Chris Aponte stay at our house, who I knew solely from snapchat hahaha.

Hahaha yea he's a homie.

So whats up with the sponsor situation, did AO hook you up?  How did that happen?

So the day we got to Chi we had nowhere to stay and it was like midnight and Lew is already on AO and shit so he hit up Corey and Elliot and all them and they were like yea come thru, so we stayed at the apartment Andy rented. So I had met Tanner, Elliot, Corey and Andy that night and it was cool and then they saw me do some stuff at the jam and they were kinda hyped and Ian announced that I got AM MVP and tanner pulled me aside after and said he wanted to put me on.

Did it change your mindset at all, knowing that you're riding for a company now? Like, are you more motivated to go out and send it? Being a part of a team, having the chance to be able to travel if you're killing it everywhere you go?

Nah I didnt feel that in San Diego but there's a lil pressure for this Seattle jam, honestly I feel like I have to make an impression. The last spot at the San Diego jam was more of a sesh than a competition. It was awesome. I love riding with Issac haha his attitude motivates me. And David Coe, that's my fuckin boi.

Double peg to front board to heelwhip.
Yeah I was gonna ask you about that rail sesh.  What's it like being at the top of an 18 rail, knowing you're about to hit it and possibly eat a lot of shit?

It's like any other rail haha I've eatin WAY more shit on little down rails than I did on that 18. It was definitely intimidating but watching other people throw down made it look easier.

That shit was too gnarly.  So lets back up, where are you from? When did you start riding?

Bristol CT. About 5 years ago I started only scootin. I skated for a while. I rode my ultra pro to the park with my skateboard on my back for like a year then I just started progressing more at riding and I was over skating.

180 shot by Mankong.

Who, or what inspires you today to ride?
Well on the day to day just riding with Lew and all the homies at Rockwell. Their squad is @theforestboys you should check em out haha they all shred.
Will do!  So whats with the name "badgerclit"?
Haha I had a feeling that was comin. A while ago one of the homies from the original Rockwell generation said I looked like a badger one day.. and everyone started calling me badger... so ya that's how that happened and then I was trying to think of something clever and my friend's name on twitter at the time was "clitlord69" and I just copped clit from him haha.
I was always so confused as why this kid on instagrams name was so weird haha.  You got a video in the works yet?
Uhh I mean there's gonna be a video from the road trip but as for an actual video of me no I'm trying to travel a lot more just to film.
For sure.  What do you like to do when you're not scootering?
Hammock and cannabis with my pals.

Word.  That'll about cover it, got anything else you wanna talk about?
Not that i can think of.
Haha aight, thanks for your time dude.  

Check out Ryan shredding in the videos below and follow him on instagram @badgerclit.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Kaaden Bewley - Third Vision

Traverse City local Kaaden Bewley has been making moves lately.  On the heels of the Anaquda disbandment, he traveled to Detroit to finish up this video before heading towards California.  This one features plenty of his trademark combo moves and rail destruction.

I remember my first Cali burrito...

Parrish Isaacs has pretty much been on a road trip for the past couple months, going down the East Coast to Atlanta, over to Chicago, then spent a lot of time in Vista, California, working at the Proto shop.  He put together this footage of himself and the homies he filmed along the way.  Good times all around.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Crew Video Comeback

When it was just Razor and Micro in the scooter industry, the only videos that existed apart from solo minivideos were crew videos.  It was practically a miracle when a group of riders would live close enough together to progress and make something worthwhile.  But as luck would have it, several areas across the US would develop scenes large enough to result in legitimate crews- The Philly Crew, Scooter Insanity, The Baboons, DXG, NBS, RAD, and so on.

Right as the industry slowly began to take off, lots of crews were popping up and making full length videos.  You had the 951 team, Nukk Scooters, and the OG TPC guys were at their height. But as time went on and the industry began to expand, the crews who were making videos got sponsored.  Nukk became Lucky, 951 turned into ScooterZone, and many others ended up like TPC- half the guys did become sponsored, and others simply faded away.   

The sport did a complete switch- the majority of videos coming out were to promote a scooter company, rather than just because people were doing it for the love of it.  Seeing “Welcome to [insert company] made the whole thing just feel like a cookie cutter “This is what I’m supposed to do” move.  Not only that, but you wouldn’t really see many full-lengths in general because members of that crew were filming for other purposes- their sponsors.  So they simply wouldn’t have footage to use in a crew video.  

So now, at nearly 3 AM, having just rewatched Sam Thomas’s inspired, gem of a part in the Fat Cat Crew’s DC Diaries, I psyched.  To me, full-length videos are the highest level of scooter related achievement.  Not only are they the most rewarding projects a rider can work on, it’s the best way to watch scootering (anyone who has attended a Tilt premiere will agree).  DC Diaries was preceded by What’s Hilary Duff Doing? a video by a bunch of riders from Imnotsurewhere, Pennsylvania (spoiler:  you don’t find out what Hilary’s up to).  This video features a bunch of riders who do seriously have amazing talent- but sadly their production value is severely lacking. But what they’re missing in production value is made up in heart and soul.  These are dudes who aren’t doing it for a sponsor.  They’re not getting money for the footage, there’s no coupon codes to push or clip quotas.  They fall, they bleed, they rip their clothes, they spend exorbitant amounts of money on gas and fast food.  All to experience the feeling of traveling somewhere new with their friends, challenging themselves in both a mental and physical capacity, risking the possibility of injury, and the ever-fleeting, insatiable high of landing scooter tricks- and of course, documenting it in audiovisual form.  Their fisheye is scratched and has shit all over it, steadyshot is on, but who cares, they’re filming scootering because it’s damn fun.  

The FatCat Crew and the WHDD? guys aren’t the only crews working on videos.  The Bay Area Concrete crew is currently filming a video in full HD- contrasting the raw, SD style of the East Coast with some of the best filming in scootering.  Peachy is also working on a follow-up to Honey and Jenkem called Flaccid Flop.  And let’s not forget probably the most anticipated crew video ever, Friendly’s LUX, dropped earlier this year.  It really is an exciting time in scootering- scooter riders are growing up, becoming more dedicated and serious with how they present scootering.  The riders in these crews will be the stars of teams for companies that don’t even exist yet.  They will be the trendsetters of the future, and in some cases they already are.  They are the crews of scootering today, and they are the heart of our culture.


Check out Sam Thomas' DC Diaries part below:

Phoenix Pro Scooters | Joel "Wezma" Erwin

Wezma is the guy behind the Kovu Krew, but he also rides for Phoenix and Sky High.  This is a part he just dropped for Phoenix.  Featuring a mix of park and street footage, this guy really shines on the flat bars.  Dude has no problem dancing around on rails like it's nothing.  All while keeping it nice and clean too.  Jake Durbin does a pretty good job behind the lens as well.